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Digital Marketing Success Formula

Our digital marketing success formula is a tried and tested path to delivering consistent growth to your business. Leveraging both buyer psychology and technical best practices, our team will help you take control of your marketing, and deliver the results you desire.


Jason Robertson

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Result: Lead increase 149%

The JMarketing team delivered big time. They put a structure in place that paid itself off 100 times over

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Tim Duggal


Result: Increase revenue 10x

My online sales grew insanely fast. They identified the weaknesses in my marketing structure, took control and delivered the results

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Don’t we already do these things?

The single biggest mistake companies make is not understanding the critical elements in a successful digital marketing approach. Landing pages, for example, regularly undermine the success of marketing efforts. Owners are caught up in subjective decisions like colours and style, without understanding the elements that are critically important.

So yes, you already ‘do’ digital marketing, but the different between doing it, and succeeding at it, comes down to knowledge and data. You could spend hundreds of hours reading, studying and practicing… or you can call JMarketing, and have our team deliver the exceptional results you have been looking for.

The Success Formula Explained

Online, we need to adapt how we talk to customers. Understand their underlaying needs, and tap into their emotional state to illicit a response, be it seeking more information, enquiring or buying right away. Continue to read down the page, and we will take you through the top line elements that make our marketing successful.

Step 1
Conversion Optimization

The most common mistake, companies spend buckets of money on running ads, without focusing on closing the clients that land there. JMarketing specialise in creating a high converting landing pages. We refine your sales pitch, explain your value, and persuade customers to enquiry / buy. Our results speak for themselves. Isn’t it time you got your landing pages right?


Minimise distraction, try to focus clients attention on the text below this. Include a phone number for local businesses

Compelling Headline / Strapline

The #1 mistake people make. Focus on what the customer gets, not what you do. Feed their desires. Forms above the fold increase conversion significantly.


Show your credibility. You claim to fame can be media articles, customer reviews, or service promises. Customer trust is critical

Localise / Personalise Your Brand

Customers are more comfortable buying from providers they trust. This can be a subtle art, or as blatant as a flag or logo.


Tell the customer what to expect, the steps involved in your process, and how this will achieve their goals. Visual aids make this easier to conceptualise


Crisp, professional imagery sends a message of authority. This builds trust and maximises conversion rate. Invest in high quality visuals, it's worth it.


Lace the page with call to action buttons. You should make it easy to enquire / buy, there and then. Don't give them time to reconsider.


Attention to detail is important. Include contact details, and compliance links. These are essential for SEO and and platforms like Facebook. Ensure you have Privacy Policy and T&C.

Step #1B
Speed, Security & SSL

Little things make a big difference. In 2018, we are still shocked how many clients lose potential sales because they are not optimising their sites for speed and security.

The Need For Speed (CDN)

Bounce rate climbs sharply after 3 seconds of load time. Those are sales walking out the door because you are too slow to service them.

We recommend all clients optimise their hosting, site code / images and implement a content delivery network (CDN) to reduce speed below 3 seconds.

test your load speed

Secure Their Trust

Earn your customers trust and don’t give them a reason to leave. Google is now forcing this on the market, with their latest Chrome browser actively alerting customers to websites without SSL security. With hacks at record high levels, all JMarketing clients are recommended to have both SSL & active firewall security setup on their site.


Step #2
Planning Your Advertising

All advertising channels (Google, Facebook etc) work a set of unwritten rules. It’s the research and testing of how to differential your business, that separates exceptional advertising from amateur. In the below section, we provide a top-line overview of what well planned advertising strategy looks like.

Differentiation is the cornerstone of good advertising. You need your business to standout, and to achieve this, research is essential. Our industry grade tool & analytical process, mine deep into the ad strategy of your competition, finding unique angles to out position them.

The below image is an example of our data research into a specific search phrase on Google. It evaluates Adwords & SEO competitiveness and results. Providing us insight into how to attack the marketing.

KeyWord Analysis

Every Google search has different results. By analysing how others target and budget for these keywords, we gain insight into where to allocate your ad spend, and position your business.

Competitor Ad Research

Want to know what your competitors spend thousands learning? Our research tools look back at years of ads, allowing us to avoid making your competitors mistakes and leverage their learnings!

Differentiation Market Positioning

We analyse thousands of related ads to find unique ways to position your business differently. Borrowing from the best, and avoiding being just another ‘me to’ brand on Google.


All of this ads up to one thing, differentiation. Making you standout, be different & positioned for success.

Other channels like SEO, Facebook etc work the same way. We research competitor activity over time, and build structures that will differentiate your business, positioning you for success.

Step #3
Test, Test, Test Advertising

Digital advertising is constantly evolving. Strong campaigns are constantly running A/B tests to evaluate how to successfully achieve your goals. Every campaign is setup with multiple tests, constantly evaluating new ideas, never standing still. To stay ahead of the competition, this stage is critical. In digital marketing, the foundation is always changing.

Tactics that worked this month, may lose effectiveness in the next. With continual testing, you are constantly evolving, staying ahead of the curve, and finding new solutions to growth.

Advertising Media

Consistently testing your ads is critical. Both your customer wants and your competitor tactics are change rapidly. Through A/B testing, you stay ahead of the game, and generate insights into how to best penetrate the market.

variation a: 11% convertion

  • CTR: 3.6%
  • CPC: $0.35
  • CPA: $13.80

variation b: 28% convertion

  • CTR: 4.8%
  • CPC: $0.25
  • CPA: $6.00


Landing Page

High converting landing pages / websites are the difference between failure and success. It starts by identifying the motivational need of your customers. We then layer in proof points, and show how your solution is the best solution.

In the example below, leads increased by 149% overnight. We see this sort of result often. It's the foundation of much of our client success.

variation a: 11% convertion

  • Conversion Rate: 10%
  • Bounce Rate: 55%

variation b: 28% convertion

  • Conversion Rate: 25%
  • Bounce Rate: 45%
  • Quality of Leads: Big Improvement

Rate Increased


Better than a single landing page, is a whole website geared for conversions. In the case of WealthSafe (below), the engagement rate of customers skyrocketed after release. Customers spent twice the amount of time on site, leading to a record number of enquiries.

Note: Client has asked not to publish conversion rate... but we can tell you, it's amazing!

variation a: 11% convertion

  • Avg. Session Duration: 2:50
  • Bounce Rate: 70.71%
  • Pages / Session: 1.54

variation b: 28% convertion

  • Average Session Duration: 5.54
  • Bounce Rate: 55.17%
  • Pages / Session: 3.89
  • # of Enquiries - Record Breaking Highs

Record number
of leads!