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Lead & sales records shattered for 3 consecutive years

Increase in web visitors
Mobile conversion
Increase in revenue

Working with JMarketing resulted in Mike Irving's business coaching revenues growing by 30%, natural search traffic growing 300%, and pre-qualified, high value clients coming into his sales funnel.

In just one year of working with JMarketing, Mike Irving's business coaching company was able to increase web visitors by 300%, revenue by 30%, fill its funnel with leads, and outsource all their marketing activities.Historically, ABA's website had only ever produced one lead. Their issue was standing out in a crowded market where prospects usually choose a coach from a trusted referral.JMarketing used their knowledge of consumer psychology to communicate ABA's value in a way that was immediately appealing to visitors, leading to a rapid growth in leads and sales.

“JMarketing made more sense on the subject of marketing and digital presence than anyone I've spoken to in 15 years.”
Mike Irving
Founder, ABA

Our Influence Strategy

The Problem

Online, every business coach looks about the same to a researching prospect. It's a crowded market selling an intangible service, and prospects can't gauge the quality of one coaching service vs. another. The redesign succeeded because hours were spent understanding what prospects needed to see to feel like ABA had something valuable for them. Once these questions were addressed, prospects had a hot cognition that prompted them to trust ABA and fill out their enquiry form.

How to Architect a Site for High Conversion

57% of prospects' research is done online before they get in touch with a company. So it's vital the first page they land on immediately gives them all the answers they're looking for. The ABA website's high conversion rate came from a very specific website structure which led visitors through a narrative answering each of their hidden frictions at a subconscious level. Viewers weren't aware of this structure consciously. But they gave feedback like: 'it just felt right,' 'I really connected with Mike's message,' and 'it was what I was looking for.'

Crafting a Compelling & Non-Threatening Call to Action

Opt in forms are scary. The most effective forms reduce friction by giving prospects clear information on what to expect when they fill out the form, and what they'll get in return. Even a free discovery session requires a lot of commitment on the part of the prospect. People are unsure of what they're signing up for, and wary of being persuaded to do something they may regret later. The video above ABA's opt in form was scripted to build trust and rapport with Mike. The content used subtle triggers to position the free call as a desirable and scarce resource, and this led to a substantial increase in leads.

Scale Qualified Traffic Fast: Custom SEO Strategy

Traffic to the ABA site increased by 300% over one year of JMarketing pursuing a focused SEO strategy. This resulted in a flow of fresh leads and sales.The strategy was simple and effective. Quick wins came from optimising existing articles to rank better in Google. Then, JMarketing studied the articles already ranking for their target search phrases. Their writing team created content that provided an even better user experience and these new articles rose rapidly in the search rankings. The targeted articles organically brought in links to further boost search engine rankings. As site authority increased, ABA was able to rank for more competitive, 'money' keywords and bring in more leads.

Outsourcing ABA's Marketing Department

Mike was looking for a company who would be able to take over the ABA marketing department entirely.After a great first experience with JMarketing, Mike handed over the task of marketing entirely to their team. This partnership means Mike can take his mind off of marketing as a thing to be managed, and devote time and attention to growing his business to the next level.

“I've been in business since 1997. In those 25 years, I haven't met anyone as trustworthy and upfront as Josh & the team at JMarketing. They do what they say they're going to do.”
Mike Irving
Founder, ABA

The Results

One year in, the results already spoke for themselves, and this is with minimal advertising. Bear in mind, this growth has all taken place during the height of a global pandemic. The success of this partnership speaks to Mike and ABA's unique skills in business coaching and JMarketing's ability with marketing.

Pre-Qualified Leads

The type of prospect enquiry ABA receives has changed. They're getting more high value clients wanting group trainings.In addition, the sales team were finding that prospects had basically sold themselves on ABA before they ever get on a sales call. They'd watched videos of Mike describing the ABA philosophy, read their articles, and especially their client case studies.

The Science of Influencing Customer Decision-Making

The true 'secret Sauce' is the psychology of how to influence consumer decision-making. When re-building the website we play a key role in crafting the message to 'solve the customer need', not tell them who we are. By removing the anxieties & frictions in the decision-cycle, we consistently see leads increase without spending a dollar more on advertising. Of course SEO traffic increasing 300% is a nice side benefit of our work as well, but it's the JM Influence System which delivers the big results.


This sort of result is common when our clients know their business, and are open to doing things differently. Mike and his team were perfect clients, and have become not only beneficiaries of our service, but suppliers to JMarketing. This is emblematic of the tight relationships we form with our clients, and when these relations exist, win/win scenarios follow.

“JMarketing always took the extra time to make sure anything they did was of very high quality and represented the company well. That meant I didn’t have to worry about anything they did, they took all that part of things off my mind.”
Mike Irving
Founder, ABA

Key Results - First 12 Months

  • 30% Increase in revenue
  • 12 month revenue growth covered JMarketing contract plus $50k additional profit
  • Visitor numbers grew 300%
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