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Innovating How Recruiter Present

We took Anteo from sending boring resumes (like all their competitors) to cutting edge technology. Customers loves the visual appeal of the candidate profiles, email introductions and ability to leave feedback. It reinvented the business and led to several major RPOs being won.

Project Details

Problem / Goals:

Anteo wanted to grow. As recruiters they knew their space well, but were perceived as similar to all the competition. They needed to stand out, to innovation and show how they were different. Their customers needed to understand they were a cut above.


Our Solution:

We completely overhauled how they presented candidates to their clients. Initially an visually impressive email was sent outlining several candidates. The customer could read the top-line overview of each candidate, and then click through to the profile of each.

The profiles, as seen in the picture, was visually stunning. It allowed clients to visualise the candidate in the role, and gave then deeper insights into mindset and general fit. We went even further and matched the candidate to the opportunity, ensuring all parties knew this was going to be a great placement.

The results speak for themselves. Anteo boomed. They signed 3 RPO contracts which locked insignificant growth and opportunity. Our work transformed the way they do business.

Our Strategy

Anthony Wilks

Anthony Wilks

Anteo Recruitment

Anthony Wilks is a relationship master. He has built Anteo Recruitment through sheer determination and persistence. The company has thrived and become a market leader in their space. Their willingness to embrace technology has taken them to levels their competition can not compete on.


The innovation  was a resounding success. The small recruitment agency boomed. They sold in 3 large RPO deals shortly after the new system was released, and continue to grow. The system we invented was loved by their customers, and would later be white-labelled for their RPO clients to use.

An often overlooked part of the success was their recruiters. They were actively involved in the process of bettering the system. They saw increased enthusiasm from their clients, and this motivated them to work harder and drive even better results.

In terms of hard business outcomes, we’ve rarely seen such a huge success as this project. The client knew their industry, and could help guide the strategy. Our team worked closely with them, and the final results blew everyone away. It was a sensational victory.

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