Giant iTab

Award Winning B2B Website

The Giant iTab website won several awards. It was recognised for excellent corporate communication.

Project Details

Problem / Goals:

Giant iTab wanted to take the next step in their growth. They knew they had a branding issue, and weren’t sure quite how best to communicate to their market. Giant iTab needed growth. Digital was the way they could test and perfect their entire marketing mix. The new Giant iTab website aimed to:

  • Position them as the market leader
  • Penetrate the B2B market
  • Professionalise & Streamline their branding
Our Solution:

Working with Firebelly Creative, we designed a high converting website solution. It ‘teased’ the customer into exploring the value that a Giant iTab could bring to their business. As a result, we found customers stayed on the site longer, and enquiry rate increased by 100%.

The new website contained significantly less pages than the original. This minimalist structure proved highly successful. Customers were able to find the content they needed fast. As a result, sales enquiries increased, as did overall market penetration.

The insights generated from website testing have refined their entire marketing mix. The customer experimented with different ‘hook lines’ and calls to action. The result saw a higher enquiry rate, and much more effective marketing. This laid the foundation for scaling the business.

Our Strategy

Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Giant iTab

Mark Jones is a pioneer in the tech space. His vision has not only created the #1 touch screen product, but seen it used in the world's largest media networks, and B2B conferences.


The new Giant iTab website immediately started delivering results. A 100% increase in leads was driven by a doubling of the conversion rate. This was without any additional money being spent on advertising:

Giant iTab Results2

Statistical Results

  • Enquiries increased 100%
  • Enquiry Rate increase 99.92%
  • Time on site increased 20.52%
  • Avg. pages viewed decreased 72%

The client was delighted with the final result. Their business effectively doubled overnight, as the website generated twice the number of enquiries as before. They have since scaled up their sales team, and are working with JMarketing on advanced marketing strategies.

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