Jewell Tyres

Growing an Industrial Brand

Jewell Tyres was a relationship business. Working with JMarketing, digital has become a huge part of their acquisition strategy. New clients were acquired domestically and abroad.

Project Details

Jewell Tyres has been a client for over a decade. In that time they have grown exponentially, carving out a name as the leaders in independent OTR tyre procurement.  JMarketing has been instrumental in this process, helping them to acquire new clients through emerging digital media.

The website’s success comes from focusing on delivering clear, concise messages to their audience. There’s nothing more on the page than necessary, ensuring clients know exactly what the company does, and how to get in touch with them.

Our Strategy

Kelvin Jewell

Kelvin Jewell

Jewell Tyres

JMarketing took our website from generating zero business to being an essential part of our growth strategy. We've worked with them for over a decade, they have been a huge influence on our business. They took advantage of technology before our competitors, and have kept us consistently ahead.


Jewell Tyres has grown from a small exclusive business, to an industry renown name in OTR tyres. We’ve been able to secure clients domestically and internationally and grown into areas we couldn’t imaging back a decade ago.

We helped them to take advantage of the changing technology. From zero web driven leads, to a huge part of their business, JMarketing has been with them step by step. As the company enters a more mature phase, we continue to work to push the boundaries and drive new opportunities through technology.

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