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Record Breaking Sales the Week After Launch

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Memory Keepsakes had spent thousands of dollars on multiple website designs with very little to show for it. She was hesitant to invest any more money because every agency in the past had ripped her off. We agreed to start by designing a product that would deliver immediate value, then expand the website out from there after showing results.

The pressure was on to deliver real results and we delivered immediately. We designed a stunning new product page template for all of her products and ran Facebook Ads through. The results were immediate and spectacular. She sold more in the first week after launch than she had in the previous four weeks combined. The following month became her biggest month for online sales ever.

Our strategy was to tap into the emotional core of her target market. We overhauled her messaging, communicating her value from a fresh, powerful perspective. By effectively communicating her story as an artisan, hand crafted jewelry producer making pieces to cherish the memory of loved ones, we were able to resonate with visitors and move them towards the sale.



Our Strategy

Debbie Hewett

Debbie Hewett

Memory Keepsakes


The results were nothing short of stunning. Within days of launching the new product pages, it was clear we had struck gold. The first week after launch marked the company’s biggest week ever in online sales. She made more revenue in that week than she had in the previous three weeks combined.

This marked a 311% increased from the average revenue of the four weeks prior to launch.

For a small business like Memory Keepsakes, these kinds of results are life changing. Now the company can finally scale beyond it’s brick and mortar store by generating online sales. Digital sales for them cost much less, take much less work, and will allow them to scale globally.

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