No Limits Basketball

The business doubled within 12 months

No Limits reached new heights of excellence, opening a new custom-made training facility and scaling up their coaching. We created world-class branding, award-winning website and took their SEO rankings to position #1 across the board!

  • Client Pete Maunder, Owner/Head Coach
  • Project type Award-Winning Website, SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Industry Sports, Fitness & Education
Award winning design

Project Details & Goals

No Limits Basketball wanted to rapidly and consistently attract more students. They were investing heavily in building a custom training facility and now needed to fill the additional student placements. While spending more on advertising was an option, they sought a competitive advantage that would reduce the cost of acquisition, while also positioning them as the undisputed leaders in their industry.

JMarketing transformed the company's online presence, giving them world-class branding, and a multi-award winning website while skyrocketing them to #1 across all the most valuable search terms on Google. On top of this, we restructured their paid advertising, and found a way to measure conversions more effectively, a huge victory given the 3rd party booking system they used, did not facilitate conversion tracking. This added measurability to their marketing, and with time the results continued to improve.

Their business has more than doubled, they even negotiated the global pandemic without losing market share. They are now looking to create a second custom-made training facility and more than double their current capacity. No Limits continues to grow off the strong foundation created by JMarketing.

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Our Strategy

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