10x Growth in 6 Months

OzMobiles grew their ecommerce business 1,000% in just 6 months. A mixture of a high converting ecommerce website & ROI-driven digital advertising.

Project Details

OzMobiles started on eBay, a platform where they were a power seller.  Their web presence however was not seeing the same success. Owner and serial entrepreneur, Tim Duggal engaged JMarketing to grow the website sales into an industry powerhouse.

OzMobiles entered the market competing on price. They knew their margins and would bend over backwards to provide the best value solution, often upgrading people to a higher specification of phone for the same price they were willing to pay” with “at no extra cost.

The core limitation for OzMobiles was consumer trust.  This is common for ecommerce retailers. If a consumer doesn’t know you, they often will not purchase from you, even if you are 10% cheaper than the next guy. This is even more true in the phone industry, where phones have become not only essential communication tools, but a quasi status symbol also.

Our solution was to work with OzMobiles across several fronts. Essentially rebuilding the way they engaged with their customers, we reshaped their entire digital presence.

  • A highly informative website
  • Advertising targeting users ready to purchase
  • Continual brand building exercises
  • SEO, SEM & Facebook advertising
  • Full closed loop customer communication

From start to finish took around 6 months.  The results were immediately obvious, and whilst there is always some teething issues, most of these came from growing too fast. That’s the right sort of problem to have!!

Our Strategy

Tim Duggal

Tim Duggal


Tim Duggal is a serial entrepreneur in the telecommunications industry. When he started OzMobiles, he consulted with JMarketing and built a plan for launch. Once the business gained traction, he started working with us closely, strategising each expansion step.

The company has grown from a startup to an thriving powerhouse. There are few price shoppers that don't know about OzMobiles and the consistent value they offer. Even when running out of stock, OzMobiles always keep the customer in mind first, and keep their prices below industry rates.


Within 6 months, OzMobiles revenue had grown by 1,000%. This was off an already impressive base.  Moreover, the cost of new client acquisition continues to fall.  For privacy reasons we can’t share these numbers, but we can say it was hugely impressive, and ROI positive.

The core result came from having Tim having faith to invest in foundation. One month after launching the new website, and revenue had increased 100%.  This was driven by higher conversion rates, primarily from users landing directly on the product page and making the immediate decision to purchase.

Over time, we worked with OzMobiles to not only target end sales, but to start building a brand. We invested in following shoppers post-purchase across multiple networks, showing them up-sell opportunities to enhance their past experience.  Over time, OzMobiles grew a reputation for aggressive pricing and customer service excellence.

JMarketing worked across every area of the business, and proudly share this case study as what a company can do when they invest in themselves. Each month we analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the business, and each month OzMobiles invested in improving. Steadily their business improved, and the industry leader that is OzMobiles emerged.

If you want to grow your ecommerce business, the first step is investing in your foundation. Talk to our team today about what the right steps are for you.

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