Backup Assist

After a JMarketing landing page redesign, an SAAS company increased their lead conversion rate by 36% and reduced their cost per lead by 65%.

  • Client BackupAssist
  • Project type Landing Page & Google Ads
  • Industry Data Backup & Protection

Project Details & Goals

BackupAssist sells data backup as a downloadable software product. The company relies on digital marketing to put their software in front of potential customers, who tend to be the IT managers of medium to large sized businesses.

The problem: BackupAssist was spending thousands of dollars on Google ads, and not seeing growth in their leads and sales. Over time, they were seeing fewer leads from the website, and the cost of those leads was increasing. Closer analysis of the situation showed their advertising wasn't effective.

The solution: JMarketing bet they could turn this situation around with one single landing page. A new, high converting leadgen page would create more leads, without spending another dollar on advertising.
The hybrid home page gave a 36% lift in conversion. JMarketing also restructured their Google Ad campaigns, and this reduced BackupAssist's cost per lead by 65%.

Our Strategy

The Results

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