Soundwave Jewellery

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The Soundwave Jewellery landing page is a perfect example of how to tap into consumer behavior to maximize conversions

Project Details

Danielle Crampsie pioneered an entirely new kind of jewelry, but fell behind the wave of competition that followed. Danielle custom engraved jewelry pieces with the soundwave of an audio track sent by the customer. At first, business came easy, as she was the only one in the market doing this kind of work. Featured spots on Buzzfeed and Lifehacker helped her publicity as well.

But then, a wave of copycats made cheaper, low quality versions of her idea. To stay relevant, she had her website redesigned. This was a fatal decision, as the new design was poorly thought out, and lead to a steep drop in sales. Several months later, she turned to JMarketing to help turn things around.

We saw that her website was not setup to sell and the designers lacked understanding of consumer psychology. We set out to design a new website optimized for conversions by connecting to buyer emotions and positioning Danielle as an industry leader.

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