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Instant growth of 373% conversion rate improvement

+ 146%
Page conversion increase
Mobile conversion increase
Increase in time on site

The brief for this project was to transform the way Wealth Safe communicates their offer, so that viewers immediately see the benefit for themselves and their business. By reorganising the page to remove frictions from visitors’ minds, JMarketing was able to vastly increase the conversion rate, and improve viewer experience.

JMarketing more than doubled the page’s conversion rate by redesigning its look, feel & responsiveness. This improvement in lead generation means Wealth Safe’s advertising will generate a higher ROI, and this will directly impact their bottom line.

“JMarketing are true innovators. They know customer psychology and what works online.”
Warren Black
Wealth Safe Founder

Our Influence Strategy

We knew that Wealth Safe had plenty of interested visitors coming to their site. What would make the difference was overcoming their fears and anxieties with the use of psychological persuassion. This meant telling the Wealth Safe story to reduce fear, using science to give customers a ‘warm, safe feeling, and hence driving up the enquiry rate from high-quality candidates.

  • Overall conversion rate increased 146%
  • Mobile conversion rate increased 375%
  • Leads overall hit record highs without increased advertising
The Science Behind The Results:
  • Constructing persuasion architecture of the page
  • Headline testing to maximise capture of attention
  • Overcoming critical 9 frictions of decision-resistance
  • Reducing ‘next step fear with Multi-stage ‘do you qualify form’
Statistically Tested Headline
The Power of an Effective Headline

The paramount element of any website is undoubtedly its headline. This is the make-or-break moment: within the first three seconds, a visitor decides whether to engage further or to leave the page. It’s the one snippet of text guaranteed to be read.

The most common error businesses make is crafting a headline that merely describes their services. However, our extensive experience and over a decade of testing have consistently shown that the most compelling headlines are those that promise a tangible result for the customer. For Wealth Safe, our rigorous testing yielded a headline that significantly outperformed those of any competitors.

The Wealth Safe Headline A/B Testing Triumph

Our meticulous A/B testing of various headlines led to an astonishing discovery: the selected Wealth Safe headline garnered over 300% more engagement compared to more than 20 other versions. This wasn’t just a superficial increase in conversion rates; it extended to time spent on the site and a host of other supporting metrics.

By eliminating guesswork and subjective judgment, this data-driven approach empowers companies to leverage proven messaging across all customer interactions. Possessing the knowledge of which words will captivate an audience is an invaluable asset, one that extends its influence far beyond the digital realm of the website.

Forms That Encourage Action
High-Friction Forms = Low Conversion Rates

The initial inquiry form on Wealth Safe’s website was a straightforward proposition for a 30-minute strategy call. However, it lacked a clear, compelling benefit, assuming that visitors already understood the company’s value and expertise.

This assumption created a barrier, introducing unnecessary friction and prompting a series of concerns: Who will be on the other end of the call? Is this just a sales pitch in disguise? What concrete value will I gain from this interaction? Such questions often lead potential clients to defer action indefinitely, resulting in lost opportunities.

In contrast, a form optimised for high performance subtly nudges the visitor towards a small, yet significant, action. Once the visitor takes the first step, the likelihood of them completing the entire form skyrockets.

High Enquiry Rate Form Design

The redesigned form we introduced for Wealth Safe was a game-changer. It offered a clear value proposition: helping potential clients quickly determine their eligibility for Wealth Safe’s services. This approach directly addressed the visitor’s concern about whether they were a good fit, mitigating the fear of feeling unqualified or ‘silly’ for inquiring.

Moreover, the form highlighted a tantalising prospect: discovering potential savings on their annual tax bill. This low-risk, high-reward offer was far more enticing, resulting in a higher uptake rate.

The impact was immediate and profound. Wealth Safe experienced a surge in inquiries, with hundreds of new leads generated without any additional advertising spend. This is the power of reducing friction in the inquiry process—a cornerstone of the JM Influence Model.

About Section Design
Removing Friction & The Unknown

The ‘About Us’ section is a pivotal touchpoint in the customer’s journey, serving as a bridge over the chasm of uncertainty. Here, potential clients are seeking assurance. They need to trust that your company possesses the expertise to address their specific needs and that you have a proven track record of resolving similar issues.

This section is often the most underestimated aspect of digital marketing, yet it holds immense influence over the decision-making process. Customers are looking for clarity and certainty. They want to understand exactly what to expect from your services and how you will deliver results, with a clear, step-by-step roadmap.

To optimize the ‘About Us’ section, it must be meticulously tailored to address the customer’s hesitations and aspirations. Whether through compelling copy or an engaging video, the narrative should focus on identifying the customer’s pain points and demonstrating how your company will alleviate them. It’s about transforming uncertainty into confidence.

When customers find the reassurance they’re searching for in your ‘About Us’ section, they feel empowered and secure. Only then are they truly prepared to move forward with your business.

“JMarketing are true innovators. They know customer psychology and what works online.”
Warren Black
Wealth Safe Founder

The Results

In every section of the page, we focused on:

  • Reducing friction
  • What the customer gets (not what the company does)

Little points of friction produce micro-decisions that add up to the person not taking action. It’s an element that’s often overlooked when writing high converting copy. Removing these small friction points is how we got a 146% improvement in optin rate.

In addition, we made the site scannable. We changed the design so it no longer relied on big blocks of text to get the important messages across.

Having a mobile responsive website also helped, as 28% of visitors to the landing page were on mobile. This is lower than the standard, and is likely because it’s a B2B, rather than a B2C service.

“JMarketing are true innovators. They know customer psychology and what works online.” – Warren Black, Founder

JMarketing are experts in creating high-converting webpages, particularly for companies who are looking to sell more complex products & services. For a free initial consultation, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. We’ll go through your website, and offer some proven techniques for raising conversion rates and the overall effectiveness of your site.

“JMarketing are true innovators. They know customer psychology and what works online.”
Warren Black
Wealth Safe Founder

Key Results

  • 146% improvement in conversion rate
  • 75% increase in time on site
  • 373% improvement in mobile traffic conversion rate
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