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95% of companies are leaving money on the table with digital marketing. Not because they lack resources, but because they don’t know how to influence online purchase decisions. At JMarketing, we’ve turned this art into a science using human psychology and real-life insights. Watch the video below to learn how.

95% of companies are leaving money on the table with digital marketing. Not because they lack resources, but because they don’t know how to influence online purchase decisions.

“Superb agency. They stand out from other agencies because of their singular knowledge of buyer psychology”

Johnathan Pascall
Buddy Healthcare
Skyrocket With SEO & Content Strategy

Shoot up the Google rankings with our lightning-fast fast SEO services. Our team helps you find new customers through Google by ranking organically. We work fast to show you the results that drive your business forward.

  • See rapid ranking growth
  • Monthly and real-time reporting
  • Proven track record over 10+ years
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Highly Targeted Facebook Advertising

Arguably the most exciting advertising channel in our lifetime, Facebook lets you find all-new customers. We help our clients not only find niches to target, but discover new ways of attracting their attention. It's cutting-edge advertising to grow your company!

  • Discover niches of clients to market to
  • Scalable to sky-rocket your sales
  • Communicate directly with targeted customers
  • Performance-based advertising
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Get noticed online with Google Ads

Attract customers looking to make a purchase today! Our team are experts in minimising costs and maximising results. We find the profitable niches that will drive your business to the next level. Whether you are a first-timer or have an existing account, we can help.

  • Find profitable niches of customers
  • Test multiple creative approaches
  • See yourself on top of Google
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Direct Communication On Any Device with Email Marketing

Communicate directly to your market and drive more business from those most likely to buy. Our team helps make your email marketing consistent, clever, and drive sales you thought were impossible.

  • Maximise open rates
  • Stay OUT of SPAM filters
  • Automate the process of upselling
  • Position your business as an expert
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Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind With Remarketing

Customers buy from the brands they trust. Imagine if you could develop trust without even meeting them! That's why the world's best companies spend up to 50% of their digital budget on remarketing to strengthen awareness and trust. Customers that trust you, buy from you!

  • Remind website visitors to return
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Cost-effective and accountable
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Advanced Business Abilities
Industry Business & Sales Coaching
Budget $125k
Services Digital marketing, Website, Landing pages

In just six months after revamping their website and refining their elevator pitch, ABA shattered six consecutive monthly sales records. Traditionally, scaling a coaching business is challenging, and ABA had previously struggled with profitability. However, our intervention catalysed a transformation.

Today, ABA has expanded internationally, with the owner globetrotting and a workforce that's quadrupled. Leads are pouring in, and in a mere three years, the company has grown twelvefold, showcasing the profound impact of our approach.

12x growth
Overall business revenue
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Kids First Group
Industry Early Education
Budget $500k
Services Digital marketing, Website, Landing pages

Achieving a 250% boost in conversion rate compared to a previously high-performing landing page, and a 1000% increase from the original site, our design strategy proved transformative.

In an industry where many nurseries seem generic, we used consumer psychology to craft a homepage that captivated and prompted inquiries. This remarkable outcome underscores the power of the JM method in website design.

Website conversion rate increase

Brands that trust JM