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Why your Business is losing money

(even if you haven't noticed yet)

Key reasons online businesses lose money


Learn the tricks to converting leads, and stop losing business to your competition!

Bad Copywriting

Words matter. Understand how to influence people to act now!

Leaky Sales Funnels

Only around 5% of leads convert immediately. Learn how to plug your sales funnel.


Why Do Most Marketing eBooks Fall Short?

The problem with most eBooks, is that they sell a specific product, regardless of your problem.

At JMarketing we take a very different approach. We want you to understand the process, and more importantly, believe in the science behind it.

When you trust the process, you can either do it yourself, or hire us to help. Our business is driven by referrals from happy customers. That's why we give our secret formula away free of charge, and why our customers love working with us.

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Wouldn't it be great if you could make more sales at a lower cost?

The Digital Marketing Playbook is designed for businesses who want to maximize their gains.

The JMarketing team team has been immersed in online marketing for over ten years. During time, we have discovered the core principles of successful online marketing.

After a decade of trial and error, we've laid out what we've learned in The Digital Marketing Playbook so anyone can maximize their profits.

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The 5 Crucial
Skills You'll Learn


Rate Optimisation

How to turn over more sales from your existing website without spending a cent



Avoid the mistakes so many companies have made!



How to influence buyer psychology to motivate action.



Track and re-target your website customers.


Sales Rate

Tricks to maximise your sales rate, drive higher returns, and never miss another sale.

See The Results

Using the exact same strategies from the Digital Marketing Playbook

The key to digital marketing success is understanding human behaviour - how we use digital marketing to make decisions.

The digital marketing framework, distills these core concepts into a single formula. This forms the basis for every one of our client success stories and awards.

Use our science to give yourself a business edge.

Joshua Strawczynski

— MD Marketing, JMarketing