Funny Google Search Trends – COVID-19

by Joshua Strawczynski

We know social isolation is wearing everyone a little thin. Here’s a little levity the SEO team at JMarketing discovered during their client research. If you’ve got any to add, please comment below.

How have you been using your time since the introduction of COVID-19? Have you been bored in the house, and in the house bored?

Since the insurgence of Corona, Google has recorded some very, let’s say, interesting information regarding people’s searches. Below I will list a few charts that show the rise in a number of intriguing topics.

Married couples, how are you holding up?

The above chart shows a 100% increase in Google searches for “annoying husband”. Although interestingly we also see a spike around December… I wonder why?

Annoying husband Google search
Anyone for a trade-in, maybe the non-snoring edition?
How to kill my google search trend
Is there a correlation between these charts?

Some people getting Zoom & Viagra mixed up…

Zoom Sex party google search
Zoom attacking very niche market segments…

<Austin Powers Voice> Does quarantine make you horny baby?

Online sex party Google search
Seems all industries are going online. Might swing by Amsterdam and checkout some innovation

You want some cake? Have some cake!

weight gain covid google search
Grandma would be so proud. I am a growing boy you know!

Toilet paper your friend when in need…

Toilet paper on the mind
Sounds like a good industry to invest in… or will this get flushed away?

Toilet paper: doing it yourself? The above chart displays

DIY Toilet paper google search
Why hire someone in, when you can do it yourself?

Give that man a big hand!

Hand Wipes Search Trend
Looks like toilet paper is running low…

Home delivery for narcotics?

drugs home delivery google search
Thank gosh someone took the effort out of doing drugs!

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise (Fight Club)

Slow wifi google search
I am Could have guessed this without doing a search… invest in better wifi boss!

Have you found something better?

Leave your funniest COVID search terms in the comments below. We will be sure to add the best ones into the article. No doubt there are countless, and why not share a laugh to brighten the mood?

Be safe and enjoy!

About the Author

Joshua Strawczynski
Managing Director

An expert in influencing consumer behaviour online. Josh is an award-winning digital marketer, business manager and best selling author. He regularly appears in the media, providing insights into using influence tactics to enhance marketing strategy effectiveness.

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