Influencing Buyer Psychology

by Joshua Strawczynski

Influencing Buyer Behaviour – Video Transcription

Adrian [0.73]: Strawczynski, hopefully I’ve got that right. I don’t know if I did. Joshua, welcome to Ticker Newsroom. How are you mate?

Josh Strawczynski 00:00:07.760: I’m good, thank you. And how are you doing?

Adrian 00:00:09.420: Not so bad. Can you please correct the pronunciation? How do you pronounce your name for me?

Josh Strawczynski 00:00:15.370: Wasn’t too bad. It’s Strawczynski.

Adrian 00:00:17.320: Not too bad. I have been a tennis reporter in a previous lifetime, so I know a lot of those sort of names that are somewhat difficult. Perhaps I should have got that correct. So anyway, thank you for your time. Appreciate it. We’re on air today in Australia, hopefully not in Melbourne.

Josh Strawczynski 00:00:32.680: Down in Melbourne, that’s the home base. So not too bad.

Adrian 00:00:36.390: Well, that’s where we are as well, so I feel it. Hey, thanks for your time. Can you explain to me why your area of expertise (which I just mentioned in the intro) – why is it so important, do you think, in terms of helping consumers make their purchase decision? Why is that so critical?

Josh Strawczynski00:00:55.540: You touched on it already, Influencing Buyer Behaviour is more relevant right now more than ever because of Covid pulling the purse strings, but influencing buyer psychology (conversion rate optimization) is a really powerful area that not enough companies are investing in. Particularly online, where if you look to the news, it’s always talking about hot new advertising channel; how to use Google or Facebook better, but it doesn’t actually make sense. If you take a second to think about putting an ad in the paper, and people come rushing into your store; no one buys anything, it would be ridiculous to blame the advertising channel. And that’s what people do all the time from small to large businesses all the way up. And that’s where understanding and dare I say, influencing the buyer decision cycle is really so powerful for these companies.

Adrian 00:01:51.870: OK, so let’s talk about how we do that or perhaps how, you know, some of the major companies do it, and then how that can be reflected with small businesses who are trying to get online as well.

Josh Strawczynski00:02:04.360: It’s interesting. There’s a huge feel in the big companies are better at this, and that is definitely not the case. In fact, often it’s the small guns that are more nimble. But we’ve broken it down into just the fundamental areas. One of those being: do not clearly solve the wisemen problem, ethical problem, because most of the time you have a look at what a company is saying and they’re talking about themselves and how good they are. They’re not addressing the core root of the customer’s problem. And the second part is (and this is where the money is at): are you addressing the anxieties and the friction in the buying process? And we are as humans, wracked with anxiety and friction. We’re always asking questions like: what if the new model comes out? What if it doesn’t fit me? What if a competitor site can have a better deal later on? By addressing these issues, what we’re doing is making people feel the comfort of control, and that’s where the money is at. That’s what’s going to help them make that buying decision, not to go to church without doing anything.

Adrian 00:03:12.910: Yeah. Now, that’s really interesting. And I guess a big part of it is we’re probably so busy with our business that you do need to actually spend some time and analyse what you’re talking about so to move forward. So, tell us who’s Influencing Buyer Behaviour well, at the moment, when you look out there? Can you give us some examples of some companies, brands that might be doing this sort of thing well?

Josh Strawczynski00:03:37.570: There are very good examples all over the place. Tell you what I will do is: break it down to a few things that people can do at home right now to analyse their own company. The first one is: have a look at the homepage of your website right now. And what’s the first text that stands out; does it talk about you, or does it talk about the outcome that you deliver to your clients? 99 percent of the time we see people fall on this very first hurdle, and it’s the very first thing your eyes capture onto. Hot cognitions are what our brain recognises long before the conscious mind kicks in, and it’s drawn towards certain buying decisions. So, the question is – are we influencing that straight away or are we just talking about ourselves? I’ll give you an example of Influencing Buyer Behaviour: there was a company ORW (Oak Room Wines) that change their headline from: “Australia’s number one in corporate wine gifts.” Makes sense; very logical – that’s what they do. To: “How to make customers love you?” That headline boosted leads with a a hundred and forty nine percent (149%) uplift in the inquiries coming in overnight, without spending a dollar more on advertising. And it did is because it was addressing what people wanted. They didn’t need a wine store; Dan Murphy’s has got that covered. What it did was – why did they want to spend money on a corporate gift in the first place? They wanted a return from their customer. They wanted to be loved. And so that simple change made an enormous difference. We’ve got time for a couple more?

Influencing Buyer Behaviour
Google Think – Factors of Influencing Buyer Behaviour

Adrian 00:05:18.090: Yeah, maybe just to finish, just some top tips for someone out there who wants to enhance their website’s ability to actually make the sale by Influencing Buyer Behaviour, which is what you’re talking about. What are some of those top tips just to finish? Oh, you want to finish, though, ready to go back there now? The connection just got lost. We got some great information from Josh there. We’ll get him back on the show over the next couple of weeks. And next, Gibson.

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About the Author

Joshua Strawczynski
Managing Director

An expert in influencing consumer behaviour online. Josh is an award-winning digital marketer, business manager and best selling author. He regularly appears in the media, providing insights into using influence tactics to enhance marketing strategy effectiveness.

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