SEO Tools You Need to Start Using for Keyword Research

by Dan Lemp

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another episode of business life hacks. This is a Friday quickie. That’s what we’re calling these tiny little ones right?

Josh Strawczynski: 0:36

Yeah. I don’t know. I was trying to wreck my mind for that. It kind of sounds wrong, but I don’t know . There’s something I like about it. So. Let’s have a Friday quickie Dan.

Dan Lemp: 0:45

So wrong , but also, right. Friday quickie today, we’re going to be talking about our favorite keyword research tools that you can use for SEO. And I’ve been using two tools in conjunction with each other to find these amazing golden nugget opportunities for clients, that have been making them a lot of money and a very quickly ranking. It’s been really, really good. So the first one I found that I love more than any other SEO tool I think is called ‘Keywords Everywhere’.

So it’s a tool that’s really easy to use and it’s really cheap. And even if you’re not technical at all, or you know, very little about SEO, it’s very intuitive and user-friendly because it plugs right into the Google search that you’re used to. So you just go to Google, you have your Keywords Everywhere, plugin. And then when you search for a term, say it’s physiotherapist in Melbourne, then it’ll tell you how many searches per month. That term gets right in on the Google search page. And then it’ll give you a bunch of suggestions on the side of other similar terms that people are searching for.

It gives you a whole bunch of suggestions, right on the Google search page. And then it also lets Google find suggestions for you, where say you type in is Jim Carrey. And then Google makes a whole bunch of, brings a dropdown of suggestions like Is Jim Carey Rich? Is Jim Carrey dead? Is Jim Carrey making another movie soon? And then, Keywords Everywhere plugs in there and tells you how many searches per month each of those terms get. So I think this has been the best tool for me for doing my initial keyword research. I found a lot of great opportunities through that.

Josh Strawczynski: 2:41

Okay, Dan, what was the name of that again? Keywords Everywhere. Good one, check that out. I’m going to talk about a slightly different one. This is the tool that I love called ‘Keyword Cake’ and why this is such a great tool for keyword research is that it aggregates a lot of the other tools. So, it will aggregate searches on Google, on YouTube, on Amazon, on being on Baidu, all these different engines. And then it uses a bit of an algorithm to say, if this one says there’s a lot of searches and this one says, there’s not a lot of searches, then is there consistent data? And what can we actually believe? i.e., the results you’re getting from it are a little more relevant, we think.

So why is that so important right now? It’s because Google who we’ve trusted for our keyword research up to now is pulling back the amount of data that they show us. Every year they’re giving us less and less if you read in any blogs, then you’re going to see, wow, it’s less and less reliable. You’re having to use more and more best guess scenario. But if you want to do keyword research for terms which generate conversions, then you need to be using best tools that pull in multiple sources. And that’s what I love about Keyword Cake. Dan, what’s your last one?

Dan Lemp: 4:04

My last one is called MozBar and it’s a free tool. You just go to and you can download it. This one is great because it gives you a clear idea of, what the competition is like and how hard it’s going to be ranked for a particular keyword or how easy it’s going to be to rank. I find a lot of tools have something called the competition index and I find really easy keywords. Sometimes show up as being hard, really hard keywords, sometimes show up as being easy. But with Moz, it’ll show you, you know, for each site that comes up, what is the Domain Authority (the DA)?

We don’t need to get into exactly what Domain Authority is. But basically, if a site has a high domain authority, it’s going to be hard to rank higher than them. If they have low domain authority, it’s going to be easier to rank higher than them. So if you’re a small business or with a new site, look for keyword opportunities where the top five results or at least some of the top five results have domain authorities 20 or less. Those are going to be pretty easy for you to overtake with the right SEO strategy. And you can go higher than that. Just the more authority that your website has, the more you’re going to be able to rank for those 30, 40 Domain Authorities. And something, if a keyword just has domain authorities of 80 or higher, it’s going to be a long time and a lot of money before you can be ranking for those terms. So just helps you find the easiest terms to rank for.

Josh Strawczynski: 5:37

Awesome, three really simple tools for people to check out of course, there are tons and tons that we use, but if you’re starting or you just don’t quite know what to turn to, check these out then, we’ve got more suggestions coming up in the future by all means, feel free to drop us a line [email protected], [email protected]. Always happy to chat, meet people in the industry and of course share our advice. Dan, thanks for sharing the tips with us today.

Dan Lemp: 6:06

Thanks so much for being with us, Josh. Alright, everybody, we’ll see you next time.

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Dan leads the JMarketing SEO department. An extremely analytical mind, he is fascinated with the questions of 'Why', 'How', and 'Is there a better way'? Through Dan's research and experimentation, JMarketing have unlocked a host of best practices and optimisation tricks for our clients.

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