Tampa FL wedding catering

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Tampa FL wedding catering

A spectacular Tampa FL wedding depends on three pillars: the dress, the ceremony, and the catering. Succeeding at the banquet is essential on your big day. Also, the agape occupies approximately 50% of the overall budget. That's why you should pay close attention to the selection of the company that will serve the dishes to the delight of your guests. You must take into account specific vital criteria so that you make the best choice.

Selecting the Best Wedding Catering in 5 Steps

  1. Wedding Type & Number of Guests

The combination of these two factors is decisive when choosing. First, the style of your reception (classic, romantic, modern, country) will give a guideline for the kind of menu you can offer.

Regarding the guests, the number of attendees is also crucial. If the number of guests is large, banquet-type food is still a winner. For smaller groups or more relaxed Tampa FL wedding styles, you can opt for other formats, such as cocktails. The service company you choose should be versatile enough to suit your desires.

  1. Customization

Times have changed. In traditional celebrations, it was usual to offer one or two menu options for attendees. To achieve a celebration that pleases everyone, you must consider new trends such as vegan food. The caterer also must be able to adapt the menu to different types of diners, the company must also give you options for kids.

  1. Ask for References

When you're looking for the catering company for your Tampa FL wedding, it's always wise to ask previous clients about their experience. If the company attended the wedding of an acquaintance of yours then great, you could get the information easily. Otherwise, the best catering service companies will have no problem in providing you with a list of previous clients, so that you can verify the quality of the service.

  1. Added Value

Catering is more than preparing a delicious meal. The best companies that provide these services may offer a variety of additional services for your peace of mind. Then it is appropriate for you to ask what services are included in each company's service offer.

It is also appropriate to ask if they offer related services or through business partners. For example, in ExecChef we have commercial allies to provide you with different location options for your celebration, in case you haven't decided.

  1. Tasting: Quality & Quantity

At banquets and celebrations, both conditions must be met: the food must be delicious, and it must be abundant. The ingredients used must be fresh and of high quality. Ask for a tasting of the sweet and salty menu and the wines they are offering you for your wedding. Do not go alone, go to a family member who accompanies you, a second opinion is more than valuable. If you want the best wedding catering in Tampa Bay contact us, and we will arrange an exquisite tasting for you.

Prepare For Your Special Moment!

If you are organizing your Tampa FL wedding and want to have an exceptional wedding catering, ExecChef is your best option. We are the most prestigious company in the Tampa Bay area, and we are ready to give that unique touch to your wedding. With the exquisite preparations of our exclusive chef AJ, we will give your guests time to remember. Contact us.

Tampa FL wedding catering
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