website design Minneapolis

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website design Minneapolis

Why pay for website design in Minneapolis when you could use a free option, such as WordPress or Wix? First, a website designer can give your website enhanced functionality that you probably can't obtain on your own. While it is true that these CMSs can be used to create advanced functionality on your website, this is usually only done with the use of some additional coding. You will need programming if you want your site to have additional apps and services on it.

You Still Need Website Design if You're Building a CMS Site

CMSs like WordPress and Wix exist to help everyday people have the ability to create their own websites and be in control of their content and web design. We're not putting these systems down. In fact, Screaming Eagle offers professional WordPress design services. But the design we offer with WordPress is going to be very advanced and not something that just anyone could create. As you probably already know, there are limitations to these web design platforms if you don't have advanced programming skills.

Let's say that WordPress or Wix has a template that you like, but you want to add a specific feature. The standard features that are available in a CMS like WordPress or Wix are not entirely beneficial or practical when you want to customize a website. You won't get the same quality on a pre-designed template that you can get from a web designer because a web designer will build the entire website or web page from scratch.

Website Design in Minneapolis Means Personalization and Customization

As a Minneapolis business, organization, or entrepreneur, you need a website that will fit your brand and reflect your personality, vision, and values. Only a web designer can take your vision and turn into reality! Whether we're using WordPress or coding your website from scratch using Brackets, Screaming Eagle's web designers can create the type of website that you need and your customers expect.

When you contact Screaming Eagle for web design in Minneapolis, the first thing we will do is go over your project's details with you. We need to determine exactly what you want and need in order to provide you with a proposal. For example, do you need a brand new website, or do you need an existing site redesigned? Do you want to build and design your site using HTML, or do you want to use a CMS? How many pages do you need to have designed? What features do you want on your website? These are just some of the questions that we have to answer before we can provide you with an accurate proposal.

We will also need to collect any images, videos, and text that you want to use on your website. We need to determine where you want this content used. Do you already have a site logo and icon, along with branding for your company, or do you need us to design that for you too?

website design Minneapolis
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