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How We Generate Fast SEO Results


Our SEO system is one of the fastest to generate results, skyrocketing your SEO rankings. Unlike traditional SEO products, where you invest for months, without seeing any improvement at all, JSEO is for business owners that want results today!

We guarantee your rankings will improve in the first two weeks. That’s a take it to the bank guarantee. We’ve delivered it to client after client, and are so confident we will deliver, we offer our clients the first month for only $1. That’s not a typo, we offer our 20 keyword package, normally $799, for only $1 for the first month. No contract. No minimum time period. We either deliver the results, or we don’t (but, we always do).

Your competitors will be desperate to know how you blew past them on Google so easily. Improving your SEO rankings is normally expensive, exhausting, and slow. That’s because Google normally gives the top rankings to companies with the most real world authority.

Their algorithm naturally benefits big companies with tons of spare capital, leaving many small businesses helpless. That’s why we developed a system that lets you compete with the “big guys” at a fraction of the cost.

Our system creates authority for the search engines, without needing to spend loads on PR. You get the benefit of years of intense, costly PR work in just a few months.

So what are you waiting for? To access our special $1 first month deal, click the link below, share this on Facebook & then it’s all yours, our full $799 service for only $1 for your first month. After that month, you’ll see results and be wanting to continue. It’s really that easy.

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Generating Continual Growth

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If you want results like these, talk to our team today. Our $1 trial offer is designed to show you results before you invest. We believe in ethical business, providing transparency into the process and the results we expect for you.

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Rapid SEO Results

We deliver industry-giant results on a small business budget.

Normally, only giant companies can afford to dominate with SEO. They run big budget PR campaigns that most businesses can’t afford. We level the playing field with a low cost solution to rapid SEO results.

You’ll see a rankings boost in just two weeks. After the initial jump, your results will continue to improve month after month. We get you to the first page as soon as possible, so you can start making sales and competing in your industry ASAP.

Enquire today, see results in two weeks.

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Drive Leads From Free Traffic

Prove your authority to make more sales.

Brand authority helps customers trust they’re making the right choice. That trust is crucial for you to reliably make sales.

No metric proves authority more than a top ranking on Google. That’s why the top 2 rankings get more traffic than the next 8 spots combined. By helping you dominate the search engine results, we’ll establish you as an authority, thus increasing your traffic and sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While we promise significant rankings improvements in two weeks, it’s impossible to say how long it will take to get to the first page. Every business is different. That said, we take every angle into consideration, so you can rest easy knowing your rankings are improving.
Our system limits your risk to near zero. However, Google could flag portions of your SEO campaign if they deem it to be illegitimate. It's usually a simple fix if that happens, but we take pains to make sure there are no issues in the first place.
We remove any links Google has flagged, which would likely resolve the issue. Even if Google took away your SEO progress, which isn’t likely, we would help you start over. However, the profits from a first page ranking more than make up for the risk.
Yes. Though Google doesn’t like our shortcuts, everything is 100% legal.
After ten years using our SEO hack system, we’ve never had any major issues.

Pricing Tables

Our pricing packages after your initial 1 month trial. Talk to us today about the keywords we recommend for you


10 keywords



/ month

Good for new businesses who want basic exposure on
search engines

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15 keywords



/ month

Good for business who want to establish their brand through SEO

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Premium SEO

20 keywords



/ month

The best option for businesses who want significant traffic and sales from SEO

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